It costs 7x more to get a new client than to retain an existing one. Add to that the compelling stat that 71% of customers end their relationship with a company due to poor customer service and you can see how financially imperative it is to provide an exceptional level of customer service. (1)

I want you to steal my worksheet for tracking personal training clients because with it, you'll have the tool to build uncanny relationships without having to rely on memory for all of the important details in your current and past clients lives.

As I speak about time and time again here on thePTDC and in my book Ignite the Fire, you're in the relationship business. The better relationship that you can build with your client, the better chance they will stay with you.

I've got a free worksheet that I recommend you immediately download and make a part of your business. Honestly, I'm a bit ashamed that, in two and a half years I've neglected to share this with you.

Below is a link to download a client tracking worksheet that I used for years in my business. Grudgingly I had to admit that I don't have a photographic memory but I desperately wanted to remember every single important event, interest, ah-ha moment, and name in my clients lives.

Click on the picture or right here to download the client tracking spreadsheet

Client Tracking Form for Personal Trainers | thePTDC | Personal Trainer Forms For Tracking Clients

Using the worksheet is easy, every time that a client mentions an ah-ha moment in their training, a personal note, a hobby, an event, or anything else important to them, note it on your clipboard and transfer it to this document after the session that sits in a file on your computer.

Build it over years and add every client that you work with to it plugging in details as you learn them.

So what are the 4 biggest benefits to tracking personal training clients?

  1. You have an easy reference to go over before every block of clients. Before training somebody, open it up to remember a couple important points and names. (ex. Hey, doesn't your son Jonas have a wedding coming up in August?" or "how's your friend Mary doing? The one who had the unfortunate accident on a ladder?")
  2. After a sales meeting with a client, you have enough information to break the ice and transition into a better relationship quicker by transferring your notes from the sales meeting into the document and referring to it before their first session.
  3. When an old client returns, you can easily remember their previous successes, struggles, ah-ha moments, and goals in addition to important personal information like a spouse's name to add that special touch.
  4. You can surprise them with personal gifts. (ex. "Hey, I know that you love the opera. Well I heard that Tchekers was in town and grabbed a couple tickets for you and your wife. Enjoy.")

I hope that my worksheet helps you as much as it did for me. And sorry for not sharing it earlier.

To download the worksheet, all that you have to do is right click and select "save link as" and select a location on your computer on the link directly below.

==> Personal Trainer Client Tracking Spreadsheet <==