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Jonathan’s Story

I grew up in Toronto, Canada, as the youngest of four to loving parents.

School was a struggle. Not only that, but I was shorter and slower than the other kids and never felt like I belonged.

Then, at 15 years old, I joined the YMCA.

The gym became my happy place. For once, I was in control.

How well I did was the direct result of how much effort I put in.

The weights either got lifted or they didn’t. It started and ended with me. There was nobody else to compete with.

I was hooked. That was 21 years ago.

Since then I’ve started multiple businesses, written 11 books, traveled the world, got married, and became a dad.

If it wasn’t for the gym, I’d have become a very different person. And I don’t think that person would have been as happy.

Because of that, I’ve dedicated my life to helping others fall in love with fitness.

After 8 years training client’s full-time, I transitioned to helping the coach in the hopes that it would make more impact.

Now you’re here reading this. Thanks for being here. I hope that I can help you help more people.

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Jonathan’s Projects

QuickCoach - Free personal training software

The way you coach is unique. With QuickCoach, you’ll look like a professional.
This software works for fitness, nutrition, habits, physiotherapy, chiropractic, and running––both in-person and online.
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Online Trainer Academy (OTA)

Learn how to train clients online.
This in-depth course has been meticulously developed with input from 40+ professional online trainers, marketers and business owners.
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Online Trainer Mentorship (OTM)

Financial freedom for experienced online trainers.
This mentorship supports your marketing, business development, content, and client care with sturdy and smart systems.
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Phone Consulting

High-end strategy for gyms or large online coaching companies
  • Identify gaps in your client care
  • Improve your retention
  • Supercharge your team and growth
Cost $1,000/hr. Max 5 hours (pending availability).
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Ignite the Fire

Build your career from the bottom up.
Ignite’s the top-ranked book on Amazon for trainers. In it, you’ll learn how to get more clients, build stronger client relationships, and build your reputation
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