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Become the Obvious Choice

Trying to win the internet is a gloriously inefficient way to build a business. 

Forget becoming an influencer. Just because you can sell to the world, it doesn’t mean that you have to––and it’s definitely not where you start.

Building a business and becoming an online entertainer are different games people play––neither’s better or worse but problems arise when you conflate the two––playing by the rules of one and desiring the rewards of the other.

It’s not about being the best choice for everyone. It’s about being the obvious choice for the right people.

Whether you’re new or you’ve been on this journey for years, I want to show you all the ways you can succeed on your own terms: without compromising personal relationships, wellbeing, and your quality of life.

Here’s what I mean:


The industry’s saturated

The cost of entry to the fitness industry is close to zero. Certifications are cheap and easy and online you don’t even need one. Anybody can create content on their phone and build an audience. So, how do you stand out?

There’s more opportunity than ever!

30 clients paying you $300 a month will earn you $108,000 yearly. That’s only 30 customers. Breathe easy. You don’t need 1,000s of followers. Instead, figure out the 1% that makes you different, market like a human, and go all in. 

Competing with $$Billion$$ companies

Massive companies now offer great looking professional apps. Influencers and celebrities are putting out their own programs. You just want to help people but you don't want to look like a mess to your clients.

Elevate your brand (for free.)

Raising the value of what you do has never been easier. Whether you work in-person or online, use QuickCoach.Fit to deliver a slick, aesthetically clean program, every time. It's free.
The work you do matters. Take pride in it!

Impress Your Clients and Grow Your Business

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“I have a 100% switch and positivity rate for all my clients!”
“I’m shocked that it’s free!”
"This is 1,000X better than Google Sheets!"
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How I can help you avoid burnout and reach new heights 

Hi, I’m Jonathan Goodman, and I started training clients one-on-one in a University gym in 2005. I loved the job, but the 6AM starts left me burnt out. There was no time for anything; I just wanted a girlfriend.

I never tried to be an overnight success. I never added “marketing guru” or “social media personality” to my resume. Honestly, I walked a more obvious path, and that road led me to where I am today. 

Our industry is beautifully-flawed. Unfortunately, many of my colleagues have already burned out and failed, exciting fitness, leaving their passions behind. They never got the tools and guidance that they needed. And as social media turned into the overcrowded influencer machine it is today, I’ve watched even more people sprint down the same road with no end in sight. It sucks.

So, I’ve dedicated this phase of my career to helping you make more money, have more freedom, and help more people. This site is full of free and paid resources from 1,500+ free articles, to a top-ranked podcast, to free professional personal trainer software, to paid business mentorship

Exploration is my guiding principle. From world travel to exploring business ventures, there's no one best way. Instead, it's up to us to find our way of living and working. And I hope what you find here helps you on your journey to finding yours.

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Explore the Best Books for Personal Trainers

Ignite the Fire


Ignite provides a clear road map to building your career from the bottom up so you can find more clients, build your reputation, and make more money.

Muscle & Fitness called it "A look at personal training that goes beyond the textbooks." and Livestrong rated it as one of the 21 Must-Read Health, Fitness, and Nutrition Books.

Getting Clients and Referrals (Wealthy Fit Pro Guides)

The most comprehensive guide to getting clients ever produced!
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Online Training
(Wealthy Fit Pro Guides)

How the Best Online Coaches in the World Actually Deliver Their Online Training
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Starting Your Career
(Wealthy Fit Pro Guides)

The perfect launching pad for your career and a nice companion to Ignite the Fire.
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Viralnomics: How to get people to want to talk about you

How to best use social media to get fans who will rave about you (and buy).
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Highly Wealthy Online Trainer 
Two-Book Box Set

The habits and marketing breakthroughs shared by all highly wealthy trainers.
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Adventure, Adventure
Awaits For Us All

A kid’s book :) And a reminder to live your life full of passion and adventure.
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Financial Freedom for Online Trainers

Everything I teach is based on the four pillars of Systems, marketing, sales, and client care — You'll be amazed at how far you can go with a little expert guidance. Below are the mentorship services my team and I offer.

Do it Yourself

You're new(er) to online training
  • Learn how to get clients and take great care of them
  • Become setup perfectly for growth.
  • 100% self-paced with group support + an option for personal phone coaching.
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High-level mentorship

You're already making $1,000 (minimum) online.
  • Change more and deliver a premium service.
  • Reach and help more people.
  • Includes both personal coaching and group workshops.
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Phone Consulting

High-end strategy for gyms or large online coaching companies
  • Identify gaps in your client care
  • Improve your retention
  • Supercharge your team and growth
Cost $1,500/hr. Max 5 hours (pending availability).
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Over 100,000 trainers, nutrition coaches, gym owners, and fitfluencers have already bought books, mentorship, or software from us!

With the extra few thousand each month I’M ABLE TO WORK LESS AND HAVE MORE TIME WITH MY SON. I spend about 10 hours a week training in-home, and 5 hours of training online. That’s it. I’m like a stay at home dad.
Malcom Wilson
That moment when you realize…YOU HELP CHANGE LIVES WHILE MAKING MORE MONEY than you ever dreamt of. I work with over 150 clients and travel with my girlfriend around the world – been in Hawaii since July.
Marc-André Seers
I’ve trained 140 clients earning an extra $30,000 in one year of online training. This, whilst I cared for my mum (who underwent her 4th heart surgery) and enjoyed a 3 month trip throughout Europe for my husband and kids, which I funded.
Arpita Boyd
India (currently traveling the world)
When I started back in 2016, I trained 4 friends for free. Today I have trained almost 340 people (paid, of course) in 19 countries.
Gil Mesina
I used to be the trainer who loves to train but sucked at the business side. Now my husband and I own and operate a studio and I work with 30-50 online clients. This past year we exceeded our year-end revenue goal in July!
Kristy-Lee Wilson
Australia / USA
I work around my kids. What more could I ask for? This is not just convenient and affordable for our clients but also it allows for trainers like me to still be able to do what we love whilst raising a family at the same time.
Yusra Es-haq
I am about halfway through and really only started implementing everything hard last week. I already have five clients paying me $400/month. And the best part is that these are people whose lives I can really impact, that truly need my help.
Matt Clines

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“I have a 100% switch and positivity rate for all my clients!”
“I’m shocked that it’s free!”
"This is 1,000X better than Google Sheets!"
“It reduces barriers to program adherence!”

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I read 7 books about how artificial intelligence will change coaching and recorded a podcast with the 11 skills you must have to thrive in an age of AI.

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