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How Do I Get My Clients to Be Raving Fans and Encourage Referrals?

In this episode, Jon and Amber dive into better ways to get your clients to refer people to you than trying to bribe them with gift cards.

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How to Build Relationships Without Being Weird

In this episode, Amber and Sam get together to help coaches learn how to build relationships with potential clients and with others in our industry without being weird about it.

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How to Save Refund and Cancellation Requests

In this episode, Jon and Amber talk about how to be proactive so you’re less likely to get refund requests and how to handle them if they do happen.

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Where to Find the Perfect Online Clients

In this episode, Jon and Amber talk about how to find clients for your online training business with free and paid avenues.

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Why People Choose Online Training

In this episode, Jon and Amber share the benefits of online training and why it can be a great fit for the right client.

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How to Gain Personal Training Clients in a Gym Part 2: Adopt a Sales Mindset

Not sure you have it in you to sell yourself and your training? Consider these 4 rules.

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How to Fight Muscle Atrophy After Injury: A Personal Trainer’s Guide

Eventually, either you or one of your clients will get injured. We dive into the science so you (or your client) can come back strong.

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5 Best Exercise Tools You Should Get for Your Client

Looking for the simplest must-have equipment for you and your clients? Here’s your list.

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Breathing Training: How to Train Your Clients to Breathe Better

As the pandemic recedes, both recovering patients and out-of-shape clients returning to the gym can benefit from training their breathing muscles.

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Rethinking Cardio: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Clients to Love It

People who “hate cardio” are either doing it wrong or don’t understand it.

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