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How Do I Get My Clients to Be Raving Fans and Encourage Referrals?

In this episode, Jon and Amber dive into better ways to get your clients to refer people to you than trying to bribe them with gift cards.

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How to Save Refund and Cancellation Requests

In this episode, Jon and Amber talk about how to be proactive so you’re less likely to get refund requests and how to handle them if they do happen.

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How to Re-Engage Clients Who Ghost

In this episode, Jon and Amber talk about why clients ghost you in the first place and how to bring them back to being active clients.

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Outdoor Workout Ideas: How to Train Your Fitness Clients Outside

Your client wants to train outside. But you have to understand bodyweight training to get good results.

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Why Do Clients Leave Personal Trainers? (Survey Results)

Learn the top 6 reasons why personal trainers lose clients, and what you can do to improve client retention.

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Why Personal Trainers Should Not Build Membership Platforms

I’ve launched three with thousands of members. I closed all three. There are better ways to make money and have more freedom.

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[The Best] Ending the Calories-In, Calories-Out Debate, and More

Each Sunday, the PTDC publishes a list of the top fitness content from around the web in four different categories: Articles, Videos, Social Media Posts, and Podcasts.

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Four Ways to Keep Your Online Personal Training Clients Engaged

Are your clients getting bored with home workouts? Use psychology to improve their focus and boost their results.

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Four Steps to Help Your Clients Find Their ‘Why’

Improve your bottom line by helping your personal training clients discover their motivation

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Gain More Clients with This Personal Training Referral Program

Learn how to build a personal training referral program with the Token System, a surefire way to get more referrals and improve your clients’ results.

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