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Best Content of the Week

This week's content helps you follow through on both parts of Jonathan Goodman's favorite advice: Do a great job, and make sure everybody knows about it.

You'll get valuable advice on helping clients get out of their own way, staying within your scope of practice, figuring out if your athletes really need "sport-specific" programs, and getting the right kind of attention for your fitness business.

— Esther Avant

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Best Article

Six Questions You Need to Answer to Overcome Exercise Barriers -- Justin Kompf, Psychology Today

There's a reason why people who have the best intentions to exercise fail to follow through. It's not laziness or a lack of desire to reach their goals. Most successes and failures happen between the ears. As longtime PTDC contributor Justin Kompf explains in this week's best article, when you master the mind, the body will follow.

— Shane McLean

Best Video

Should Personal Trainers Do Rehab? -- Michael Mash, Barbell Rehab

To read our personal training textbooks, you'd think there are clear lines dividing what's within our scope of practice and what's not. But the longer you train, the more gray areas you'll encounter. What do you do with a client who's recently had knee surgery, but whose insurance only covered a few visits to a physical therapist? In this eight-minute video, Michael Mash explains what you can and can't do to help the client without crossing the line from fitness training to rehab.

— Esther Avant

Best Social Media Post


Posted by Travis Pollen on Monday, September 21, 2020

"Sport-specific training" sounds like something strength coaches should do with their athletes. But as Travis Pollen explains, all athletes perform the same basic movements. That means they all benefit from training the same movement patterns—push, pull, squat, hinge, lunge. How you program those exercises will vary by sport, as will the assistance exercises you add to prevent injuries and address that sport's unique demands. But the basics are the basics for a reason: they work.

— Christina Abbey

Best Podcast

The Nuts and Bolts of Public Relations -- Michael Keeler with guest Kristen Grossi, Business for Unicorns

Kristen Grossi, CEO of two Los Angeles-based public relations firms (one of them, Joint PR, serves the cannabis industry), shares tactics for getting the right kind of attention for your business with podcast host Michael Keeler, cofounder of Mark Fisher Fitness. She offers advice on handling your own publicity, finding a PR professional to work with on a business launch, and getting the most out of media coverage.

— Mike Howard

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