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Big Egos and the Fitness Industry

In this episode, Jon and Amber talk about having an ego in the fitness industry and how you should start thinking about it.

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Why Would Anyone Work with Me vs. Another Big-Name Coach

In this episode, Jon and Amber tackle the big impostor syndrome issue of why a client would want to work with you over another online trainer.

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How to Gain Personal Training Clients in a Gym Part 2: Adopt a Sales Mindset

Not sure you have it in you to sell yourself and your training? Consider these 4 rules.

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How to Gain Personal Training Clients in a Gym Part 1: Get Noticed

You have to be seen by people before you convince them to hire you. Follow these 3 steps.

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How to Automate Your Fitness or Nutrition Business (So You Can Take Time Off)

You deserve time off—whether it’s regular “me time” or a nice vacation. Use these 8 successful tips so you can fully recharge.

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6 Fears Every New Fit Biz Owner Faces (and Why They’re No Big Deal)

He’s trained athletes and celebrities, and now helps thousands of trainers build their businesses. He faced the same apprehensions you do.

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How to Run Your Online Business When Your Kid Won’t Leave You Alone

It hurts every time I say “Not now, honey, Mommy's trying to work.”

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5 Elite Fit Pros Open Up About Their Mental Health Struggles

Trying to motivate clients when you’re anxious or depressed can feel exhausting.

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How to Work with Clients Who Have Mental Health Challenges

At least 20 percent of people experience a mental health challenge. If your client is one of them, you must understand three things.

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Keeping It Professional (Because Some Clients Require Firm Boundaries)

You want to help your clients—but playing therapist at every workout session is draining your energy and hurting their results.

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