Clients have the chance to work with any online trainer, and it can be hard to figure out why anyone would want to work with you. If you're just getting started as an online fitness trainer, the self-esteem struggles are real.

You find yourself wondering why a client would choose you over someone else who seems more qualified, or is in better shape, or offers effective workout programs.

Bottom line: Because you're special.

You're unique. There's only one of you. You have experiences, perspectives, interests, and an ability to connect with your audience that no one else can offer.

In today's episode, learn how to build your confidence as a personal trainer and leverage your YOU-ness to get clients.

Your personal triumphs: A key to connection

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is tough. When you share how you manage to keep your nutrition and fitness as top priorities in your life, you'll connect with your audience. We all face struggles with prioritizing our health, and when you share those struggles with your niche audience, they'll see themselves in you. When you share that you've overcome your struggles and are able to keep your health and fitness a top priority despite issues getting in the way, clients will have confidence that you'll be able to help them do the same.

When your niche audience sees the opportunity to connect with you as a person, they'll be more likely to reach out to you as a trainer. Clients need to see themselves in you to realize that they can achieve results.


Trust your success stories

When you have a client who compliments your ability to motivate them and help them get results, it's easy to brush off their praise. You might feel like they're the ones who put in all the work, or that they were easy to work with. It's important that you internalize their praise and realize that they're telling you the truth: You're great at what you do, and you've contributed to positive changes in their life.

Accepting and internalizing compliments doesn't make you conceited or ungrateful—rather, quite the opposite. When you accept and internalize compliments, you're showing that you trust your clients, value their feedback, and want to continue to help more people create positive change.


Switch up your inner voice

Put a halt to negative self-talk and self-deprecation, and start talking to yourself positively. It's fine if it feels silly or like you're joking—the goal is to build your confidence as a personal trainer by providing yourself with consistent positive messaging.

When you feel confident about yourself and your ability to help your clients, you're more likely to connect with your audience. Don't be afraid to fake it til you make it. If you stay consistent, you'll find that these thoughts come automatically.


Don't forget—you're special. Really.

If you cringe when you think of complimenting yourself, or you feel like there's no way someone would choose you over a bigger-name trainer, you're not alone. Everyone struggles with insecurity, no matter how confident they may seem on the outside. Homing in on your niche, sharing your struggles with your audience, and figuring out how to switch up your inner voice to that of a caring friend (instead of an enemy) can all go a long way in helping you portray the confidence necessary to attract your ideal clients.

Your homework: Email [email protected] or tag @theptdc on Instagram with the reason(s) why someone should choose to work with you over a bigger-name trainer. We're excited to celebrate you and hear how you're serving your audience!

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