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Author: The Online Trainer Show

The Online Trainer Show teaches you how to take better care of your online clients and build a profitable business. Jonathan Goodman, the number-one online training strategist, has helped over 50,000 fitness and nutrition coaches from 100 countries create real and lasting change in their lives. He's joined by Amber Reynolds, program director for the Online Trainer Academy, to demystify the online fitness world for you. Jon and Amber will declutter your mind and teach you the strategies, tactics, and thought processes that really make a difference so that you can have the business you deserve in order to live the life of your dreams full of freedom, fulfillment, and purpose.

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Big Egos and the Fitness Industry

In this episode, Jon and Amber talk about having an ego in the fitness industry and how you should start thinking about it.

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How Do I Get My Clients to Be Raving Fans and Encourage Referrals?

In this episode, Jon and Amber dive into better ways to get your clients to refer people to you than trying to bribe them with gift cards.

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How to Build Relationships Without Being Weird

In this episode, Amber and Sam get together to help coaches learn how to build relationships with potential clients and with others in our industry without being weird about it.

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What Are My First Steps in Creating My Online Training Business?

In this episode, Amber and Alex dive into the very first steps you should be taking when creating your online training business—they may not be the ones you're thinking!

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How to Set Up Your Social Media Profile for Success

In this episode, Amber and Alex help you with the key components of setting up your social media profile for business visibility and lead generation.

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How and When Do I Raise My Prices?

In this episode, Amber and Jason discuss strategies around not only how to raise your prices, but when you should look at doing it.

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How Do I Coach a Demographic That Isn't Me?

In this episode, Amber and Ren dive into what steps you can take to learn about and attract a demographic you may not be a part of.

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Why Would Anyone Work with Me vs. Another Big-Name Coach

In this episode, Jon and Amber tackle the big impostor syndrome issue of why a client would want to work with you over another online trainer.

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How to Generate Ideas That Your Ideal Clients Care About

In this episode, Jon and Amber talk about how to generate ideas for content creation—and present them to your ideal clients.

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How to Move Your Business into a Hybrid Model

In this episode, Jon and Amber talk about transitioning your business into a hybrid model and why Jon hates the term "hybrid" (even though he created the term).

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