I'm only 37 and I already see it.

Fit friends seem to defy aging.

Those that don't exercise regularly are going downhill fast.

It's fucking sad.

"My friends all look like black Homer Simpson's."

That's what my podcast co-host, Ren Jones, said when I asked if he's noticed a difference between friends who exercise and those who don't.

We need to talk about this:

I get that life can be busy.

A day here, a day there.

In the short term, missing fitness doesn't seem to make a difference.

It's hard to notice until one day, it becomes obvious.

And while it's never too late to begin an exercise routine, the longer you wait, the harder it is.

You have two options:

1. Exercise regularly.
2. Or don't.

It's a binary decision.

For a while, the two lines, action and inaction, feel similar.

Then one day the difference becomes jarring.

It's hard to find time to exercise.
But you don't need to do a lot. Start small. Just move. Today, just walk for 15 mins.

Life's busy. Finding time is hard.

But if you don’t make time for exercise now, you’ll be forced to make time for disease later.

Don't let that happen.