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Money / Work


A useful thought experiment:

If you have unlimited wealth––Bezos' money––what would you do differently?

I like this question because many people tend to discover that whatever they desire is actually within their grasp today.

Health / Resilience


You're not the author of your life, but you can be the editor.

You can't control the start of your story, and some stories are more fair than others, but you can control the end. Great editing, by the way, prides itself on subtraction, not addition.


"Birds never sing in caves."

-Henry Thoreau

Love / Relationships


There's a story from sufism I heard. It goes like this:

A friend sees a man called Mullah outside on his hands and knees.

"What are you looking for?" The friend asks.

"I lost my key." Mullah says.

"Oh, that's terrible. I'll help you find it. Where did you lose it?" The friend asks.

"In my house." Mullah says.

"Then why are you looking for it out here?" The friend asks.

"Because there's more light here." Mullah says.

––That's what we do with our lives, isn't it? We look at what's brightest and shiniest when the answer is always inside of us all along.


A Few Good Quotes from a Great Book

"The easiest way to create profits in your business is to sell your best customers a higher-level version of something they have already bought."

"To make my business viable, the first thing I needed was not a computer. It wasn’t even an office or a desk. What I needed was a customer."

"Nothing sells well that is difficult to explain.

"The purpose of the front-end sale is to acquire a new customer. The purpose of the back-end sale is to produce a profit."

-Michael Masterson (from Ready, Fire, Aim: Zero to $100 Million in No Time Flat)

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Did a lot of front squats and the mowed the lawn yesterday. Legs don't work today. Figure I'll feed the muscles tacos and they should bounce back quick.

P.S. My wife . . . every week



I know that The Obvious Choice book is still a long ways away.

It doesn't come out until January.

But still, please preorder your copy today (and a second copy for a friend).

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I damn near killed myself writing this. It's the best thing I've ever produced. And I hope you love it!

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