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Episode 21 of The Obvious Choice podcast, released last week, is one of the best pieces of content I’ve ever produced on how to actually sell coaching in the modern day.

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--> Selling Deep Health Coaching to Clients Who Don't Care (yet)

2 Coaching Concepts


Help your clients become ok with imperfection.

Imperfect starts are better than perfect inaction.

The fittest people didn't wait until they had a 'perfect' program. It doesn't exist.

They started and adapted as they went.



Exercise is so much more than looks.

It also results in:
-Less anxiety
-Stronger bones
-Sharper cognition
-Better quality sleep
-Decreased cancer risk
-Average increase in life

Help your clients recognize all of the benefits they're getting. Because fitness goes far beyond the physical.

2 Business Nuggets


Less ego, more service.

You don't need better photos of yourself, you must know what your client wants––the more emotional the better.



Here's a real story of figuring out what a client (really) wants.

Juan Carlos told me people buy his program to, "look and feel better by gaining muscle and losing fat."

Those are a lot of nice-sounding words that mean nothing. I asked him to go deeper.

He said, "we give them a fitness program focused on progressive overload and customized nutrition."

He's peeling back the onion now.

I asked him to tell me about the best client he's ever worked with.

He said, "her name was Jackie. She's Japanese, living in Costa Rica. She just turned 40 and doesn't want to look like she turned 40."

Boom. That's good. Going deeper still, I asked JC to tell me more about that last line.

He said, "she told me, I just turned 40 and now I look 40 and I want to look and feel younger and want to lose my love handles and I want my body to look firmer."

Juan Carlos isn't helping people look and feel better by gaining muscle and losing fat.

He's helping his clients not look their age by losing their love handles and looking firmer.

His programs sell that goal and his content should talk about that goal.
For you, the deeper reason why a client hires you might be different.

What's important is that you figure it out.

Follow this same line of questioning. Peel back the onion.

It's not about you, it's about them.

Less ego, more service.

1 Quote to Consider

I urge you to be curious enough to want to understand how the people who see things differently from you came to see them that way.

You will find that interesting and invaluable, and the richer perspective you gain will help you decide what you want to do." - Ray Dalio



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