For the past 30 days one of the world's best coaches, Eric Cressey, has been posting a quick 1-3 minute video on arm and shoulder health. In these 30 quickfire practical tips you will learn how to assess arm and shoulder health, exercises, cues to improve mobility, and more. I loved this series from Eric and hope that you do too.

-Coach Jon

Day 1. Check your shoulder position when doing external rotation variations.

Day 2. "Not all range of motion is good range of motion."

Day 3. The arm demands of a swing

Day 4. Push-ups are a great corrective exercise.

Day 5. You can't separate core stability from scapular control.

Day 6. Why you never want to stretch out the front of the shoulder

Day 7. Ball-and-socket congruency is important for good arm health.

Day 8. Shoulder discomfort can sometimes be referred from somewhere else.

Day 9. Don't overlook these rotator cuff issues.

Day 10. Pull-up technique and how it relates to shoulder health

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Day 11. Good arm care is actually full body care.

Day 12. How to control excess passive external rotation

Day 13. Top-to-bottom balance versus front-to-back balance at the shoulder

Day 14. Make sure the lower back doesn't arch from external rotation exercises.

Day 15. Thoracic spine mobility in throwers

Day 16. Rotator cuff cues

Day 17. Common mistakes when doing the prone horizontal abduction ("T" exercise)

Day 18. Common mistakes when doing internal rotation exercises

Day 19. Key signs to look for during the "Y" exercise

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Day 20. Focus on range of motion through the upper back during thoracic spine extension-rotation drills.

Day 21. Discussion on an individual's response to throwing

Day 22. Getting the upper and lower body to work together for efficient deceleration pattern

Day 23. Always make sure alignment is correct before anything else.

Day 24. Signs of a bad push-up and how to fix it

Day 25. Coaching bottoms-up carries

Day 26. All about rhythmic stabilizations

Day 27. Identifying eccentric stress from throwing

Day 28. All about retroversion

Day 29. Warm up to throw, not the other way around.

Day 30. Have more focal and diffuse soft-tissue approaches