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The Obvious Choice

with Jonathan Goodman, Ren Jones, and Amber Reynolds
A podcast for fitness and health coaches who want to simplify and improve their client care, business, marketing, and social media. New episodes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Recent Episodes

(OTS#20) Convert More Clients by Understanding These Two Things

Today, Carolina, Ren, and Jonathan dive deep into why emotions play such a big role in any business and why you should understand what your client wants to change about themselves before you start working with them.

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(OTS#19) The Secret to High Quality Online Assessments

Jonathan, Carolina, and Ren talk about the secret to high-quality online assessments and how to do them without fancy gym equipment! They also clear common misconceptions that you might have about the topic.

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(OTS#18) How to Price Online Training for Max Profit and Max Clients

How much should you charge for max profit and max clients? Jonathan, Carolina, and Ren talk about creating business models that sell for maximum profits and how you can create wealth on top of paying the bills.

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(OTS#17) The Best Apps and Software to Manage Your Online Training Business

There’s no need to overthink when finding what tool to use. All of these are good enough for what you need, so make sure to keep in mind what you want to deliver and pick accordingly.

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(OTS#16) How to Win by Celebrating Your Clients

Rather than telling others how great you are, it’s better to have your clients tell them for you. You’ll be surprised at how much more effective celebrating your clients’ victories is at getting referrals!

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(OTS#15) How to Instantly Be More Productive Without Apps or Software

As your business grows, you can’t keep putting pressure on yourself. Otherwise, you’d burn yourself out. How can you remove some of that burden? Through improving your productivity.

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(OTS#14) How to Save TONS of Time Overnight

Jonathan, Carolina, and Ren talk about saving time. How can you avoid the things you hate doing? How can you be free to do what you want while doing the same quality of work? Why is Ren a better podcast guest than Jonathan?

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(OTS#13) Know When You Need a Course, a Coach, or a Mentor

As you start to get used to the grind, you start wanting to improve the way you do business. But it can get really overwhelming with the number of options available. You hear of people talking to their mentors, hiring a business coach, or taking courses. Which one fits your needs?

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(OTS#12) Mistakes We’ve Made (and Learned From)

Jonathan, Carolina, and Ren share some of their most embarrassing mistakes, and the lessons they learned when they made them.

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