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The Obvious Choice

with Jonathan Goodman, Ren Jones, and Amber Reynolds
A podcast for fitness and health coaches who want to simplify and improve their client care, business, marketing, and social media. New episodes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Recent Episodes

(OTP#29) How Online Trainers MUST Manage Their Money

Ren recounts his financial journey, from living in a basement to five streams of income. Carolina emphasizes the importance of getting creative with how you provide services. And Jonathan delves into four essential steps for coaches to manage their finances effectively.

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(OTP#28) Building Your Support Systems

The gang dives into the nuances of building your online support systems. Jonathan discusses the common pitfalls of coaching, how to identify red flags, and how to employ a well-rounded approach so that both your client’s and your cups are filled to the brim.

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(OTP#27) How to Know Who to Believe on the Internet (Spoiler: The Answer Is 'Nobody')

Jonathan shares the shocking story that brought him to today’s topic: who to trust on the internet. They’ll share some of the measures of seriousness they each look for when finding what they need online. Listen now for tips on how to avoid being scammed online.

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(OTS#26) How to Be More Efficient by Knowing What to Automate and Delegate

In this episode, the gang talks about automation and delegation. This process necessarily means setting your ego aside to make your program more efficient. Making assumptions about what clients want from you can lead to constraining yourself when you should be delegating.

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(OTS#25) The Secret to Scaling Your Online Business Beyond 10 Clients

After sharing their favorite nature stories, the gang discusses how to keep up your momentum when scaling up your online trainer business. Are you digging deep into your conversations with your clients? Listen now to hear the secrets to gaining confidence so that you can become a more successful online trainer.

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(OTS#24) How Firefighter Alex Harriman Made $6,578 Online Training Between Shifts

Alex Harriman started online training as a side gig between shifts as a fulltime firefighter. After the birth of his son in 2017, his priorities changed. In this episode, Jonathan talks with Alex about how the Online Trainer Academy Level 2 helped him learn how to focus his energy and prioritize his time, leading to major results and more money.

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(OTS#23) How to Use Money to Buy a Better Life

In this Episode Jon shares his favorite essay on money. Making money can often cost you in terms of stress and overall well-being. Will more of it really make you that much happier? Jon shares some honest advice about living a life of joy and meaning. This is a special episode that shouldn’t be missed.

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(OTS#22) How to Optimize Your Process to Add Value and Increase Client Retention

In this episode, Jonathan, Ben and Carolina define “optimization,” and discuss why it can be so effective. With a few simple tips, you can learn to anticipate your clients’ needs and become proactive in your business’ client retention.

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(OTS#21) How to Help Clients Follow Through for Big Results

In this episode the team invites Amber in to discuss how to keep your clients going. Is it your fault? What can you do differently? Also, Jonathan discusses a terrible experience he had as a guest on another podcast, and how that was an example of how not to treat people.

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