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The Obvious Choice

with Jonathan Goodman, Ren Jones, and Amber Reynolds
A podcast for fitness and health coaches who want to simplify and improve their client care, business, marketing, and social media. New episodes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Recent Episodes

Build a Business You Love with This Simple Secret

Start with what you want, and work backward.

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The Easy Mind Trick That Can Make You More Money

Stop focusing on the money you want, and finally make the money you need.

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Take Your Business to the Next Level

Scaling up is all about marketing and mindset. On this episode of the FitCast, Jonathan Goodman explains exactly how to approach both.

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Deliver Nutrition Advice That Actually Works

Fitness is all about transformation, yet many trainers approach change all wrong. Forget perfection. The key to success is to embrace the flaws.

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Write Science-Based Content That People Will Actually Read

Fitness writer Greg Nuckols reveals his secrets for making research-heavy articles accessible to your audience.

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The Education Myth That Holds Trainers Back

Our schools are failing trainers, who in turn are failing their clients. Here’s how to break the vicious cycle and finally achieve success.

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