Most coaches sell their coaching as if it’s a phone bill:

“When you sign up you get:

• 3 calls with me, spread out every two months
• Flexibly programming
• Access to my private community”

Not very compelling, is it?

The worst thing a client can think after you describe your service is ‘so what?'

Just because you do something, it doesn’t mean they know why it’s valuable to them.

In your own head it might be obvious.

Less so for them.

‘So what?’ Vs. ‘So that’

The trick is simple: Add a ‘so that’ statement whenever you describe anything.

“I offer flexible programming so that a busy mom with an unpredictable schedule never has to miss out.”

Here’s your rule:

Never describe anything you do unless you include a 'so that' statement why a client should care.

If you want to make an impact, you must make the mundane meaningful to your client.