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Best Content of the Week

After 15 years in the fitness industry, I still feel like I've only begun to understand how to write effective programs for my clients. When should I keep it simple, and when should I mix it up? How much variety do my clients want or need?

This week's best content includes two important messages:

Tony Gentilcore's article makes the case for simplicity, while Cody McBroom's video shows how to write more complex upper-lower training splits for advanced clients who want to be in the gym four days a week.

We also have a fascinating, non-technical look at training from powerlifter Storme Gray, who tells podcast host Jason Leenaarts how the lessons she learned from heavy lifting apply to life outside the weight room.

— Esther Avant

Best Article

Stop Overcomplicating Your Clients' Training Programs -- Tony Gentilcore, tonygentilcore.com

Trainers are easily distracted by bright, shiny objects. This is often reflected in their programming. Which makes sense. After all, if clients are paying good money, shouldn't we try to impress them with fancy exercises? Tony Gentilcore reminds us that simple, straightforward programs should always be our default setting.  

— Shane McLean

Best Video

How to Write a Training Program -- Cody McBroom

When a client's training goals require more complex methods, you need to incorporate those new variables in a logical, systematic way. This 15-minute video from Cody McBroom explains how to write scientifically sound upper- and lower-body workouts. 

— Esther Avant

Best Social Media Post


Posted by Jill Coleman on Thursday, September 3, 2020

Nine years ago, Jill Coleman hit the wall. She couldn't take another day of a strict diet that accounted for every bit of food she allowed herself to eat. That's when she realized she didn't need to make it so hard on herself. Trusting her instincts with a more moderate approach to food worked pretty well. For many clients, that "good enough" diet will get them where they want to go. And if it doesn't? As Coleman says, "You can always go back to strict dieting." 

— Christina Abbey

Best Podcast

Step Up to the Bar and Leave Your Fear Behind --  Jason Leenaarts with guest Storme Gray, Revolutionary You

Storme Gray weaves an inspiring story about her journey into the "clank and bang" of heavy lifting. She draws from her successes and setbacks and discusses how lessons learned under the bar relate to life in general.

— Mike Howard

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