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Eric Cressey's 30 Days of Arm Care (All Videos)

30 quickfire tips on shoulder health, exercises, cues, and assessments from one of the best coaches in the world (videos)

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Is Organic Food Better For You? 237 Studies Say You Might Be Wrong.

Let's dive into what “organic” really means on food labels and learn the surprising effect that so-called "natural foods" may actually have on your health.

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Hey, Quit Being So Hard On Yourself: A Video About Self-Compassion

Compassion for clients is a trademark of a good trainer, but we need to show compassion to ourselves to really thrive and succeed.

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This Video About Bad Science Is a Must-Watch for Every Fitness Professional

So many people get science all wrong. Let John Oliver set things right.

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How Do You Deal With Imposter Syndrome?

The truth is, everybody feels like a "fraud." This video shows you how you can deal with imposter syndrome.

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This Video Follows an old man's Journey to Muscle Beach

This is what happens when an old man proceeds to deadlift 535 pounds right in the heart of Muscle Beach.

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How Food Marketing Strategies Fool Us Into Thinking Their Food Is Healthy

Hey, food industry, your special fruit and vegetable blend of apple sauce is NOT considered a vegetable!

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Why Fitness Actually Matters in 2016 and Beyond

"Cause' you and me, getting lean, and posting sh** on snapchat, that doesn't matter."

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What this irreverent jacked amputee has to say about weight loss stopped even me in my tracks

Rule 4 is is the most important ...

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You Won't Believe This Brilliant Take Down of the Entire Diet Industry

I've never seen anybody speak so much truth...

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