In the video above, Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, a vocal obesity specialist and blogger at Weighty Matters, shares his fascinating and illuminating thoughts on what the food industry can do to stop being so disingenuous.

Dr. Freedhoff goes over the many sneaky ways food marketing strategies try to obfuscate the healthiness (or in 99% of the cases, the UN-healthiness) of  food with "clever" and dishonest language.

Words like "No sugar added" or "Whole grains" are all BS that food companies use to prey on our gullible appeal to health. Is it any wonder why the food industry, the very people to which he was supposed to give this talk, cancelled his speaking event?

He speaks the scary truth. 

The next time a client tries to claim their eating is great because such and such supposedly has fruit and vegetables in it, show them this video.

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Photo Credit: Amy