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Money / Work


“Money without happiness doesn’t matter––yet happiness without money doesn’t last.”

- Maria Kitsios


What you do to get results doesn’t matter to others. What matters to others is what they’ll become as a result of what you do.


"Tension’s required for change. Asking for a sale isn’t just asking for money, it’s also asking the person to change—change in belief systems, consumption habits, or daily patterns.

If you’re being told that you’re too expensive, odds are you’re being lied to.

Money’s rarely a real objection. The real objection is most often an unwillingness to change stemming from a lack of tension. Basically, it’s not important enough to them right now because you haven’t made them aware of how important enough it should be for them right now."

-An excerpt from my next book, The Obvious Choice (Preorder here)

Health / Resilience


Strength training to improve mental health is vastly underrated.

Love / Relationships


Sometimes we show the least amount of loving to the people we love the most.

We’ll compliment people in the office, but we’ll never compliment our own children, our own wives, our own husbands. Never let a day go by without seeing something good in the people you love.


A friend's father, a minister, gave me this advice on fatherhood.

"Every day, spend 15 minutes on the floor playing with each of your children, 1-on-1. Don't let a day go by where you don't."


A Few Good Quotes from a Great Book

" There are a lot of self-help bros who will tell you that you need to dangle over the edge without a net to really drive achievement. I used to believe this because it has a little piece of the truth. The larger picture, of course, is that being deprived of safety tends to make people anxious, reactive, and unproductive."

"The world is too complex for there to be good reasons for any truly great decision."

"Creating the value is what people publicly praise, but capturing value is what is actually rewarded."

-Hank Green (from A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor)

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Started to cut my grass and it began to rain. Now I'm here. Sun's back out. Going to let it dry a bit and head back out. Yard work's a great way to get some movement in-between meetings.

P.S. A lot of goals in one

Oh, hi.

I've been slacking on Instagram since January.

My account's been reposting old material because, honestly, I couldn't be bothered.

It's been a nice break. Life's been great. Writing, family, QuickCoach, and the Online Trainer Mentorship are awesome!

But, I'm feeling the energy to create content for there again. Going to start some videos. Not polished stuff. More off-of-the-cuff, real, "let's just have a quick chat" things.

I guess I've just become exhausted by the performative aspect of social media and needed a break.

Coming back, I'm going to make sure my account reflects the real me and talks about things I feel I'm uniquely suited to help you with.

Hope you join me there:

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