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Moving on, here are 2 fitness concepts, 2 business nuggets, and a quote to consider this week.

2 Fitness Tips


Doing hard things in the gym prepares you for hard things in life.

Physical and mental training is a process of building tolerance to one’s intolerances.

Said another way: Stuff's gonna happen. Get strong so you can deal with it.

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Online Fitness Launch 101:

1/ Niche you could train unprepared
2/ Focus on one transformation
3/ Presell via wait list
4/ Timebox 60-90 days
5/ Beta group + feedback
6/ Ask for testimonials You don't need a big following.

More on each here

2 Business Nuggets


Other people succeeding doesn’t mean that you’re failing.

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When you become successful in business, society tries to convince you to scale by going wider, not deeper, as part of an endless quest to make more money. But, why? And for what purpose?

If you’re an entrepreneur, stop adding complexity into your life that you don’t want with time that you don’t have for rewards that you don’t need.

1 Quote to Consider

“We all have different desires and needs, but if we don't discover what we want from ourselves and what we stand for, we will live passively and unfulfilled.

We define ourselves by our actions. With each decision, we tell ourselves and the world who we are. Think about what you want out of this life, and recognize that there are many kinds of success.” - Bill Watterson

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Congratulations to Zach Hyman for scoring 50 goals in the NHL. I was his personal trainer when he was in high school. My job was to prepare him for the NHL combine. Yes, he had advantages. His family was wealthy and father obsessed with his success. But the dude worked hard. Harder than anybody I’ve ever seen. What an amazing athlete and milestone. So cool.

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