Happy 5-Reps Friday!


First, I FIXED MY AUDIO on the Obvious Choice Podcast beginning at episode 145. Hallelujah. Turns out my mic was backwards the entire time. I'm dumb.

Here's this week's new episodes:

143: Training Your DM Setter (Hot Seat)

144: Counter Punching For Creative Ideas

145: Break the Pessimism Mindset (FIXED AUDIO)

Moving on, here are 2 fitness concepts, 2 business nuggets, and a quote to consider this week.

2 Coaching Concepts


The sore truth is that complexity sells better.

In health it's sleep eight hours, move a lot, eat real food, but not too much. But what's popular? Supplements, hacks, and pills.

Credit: Morgan Housel



The way most gyms operate is broken because the business dictates the business.

That's backwards.

A perfect workout is never 30 mins or an hour.

This needs to change. Fitness must dictate fitness.

The hybrid model blends online and in-person training. It's the way for you to make more AND help your clients better.

Deep-dive article: Hybrid Training Essentials

2 Business Nuggets


We second guess ourselves not because we don’t know enough, but because we know too much.

In many ways, knowing too much about a thing is worse than not knowing enough.

And these days we all know too much.

Often it's better to stay optimistically ignorant.

It’s like when you’re driving on the highway and it’s pitch black and you have your high-beams on. You know you’ve got miles to go and that there will be twists and turns but all you can see right now is what’s directly ahead of you so you focus on that. As you continue to drive, new stretches of road light up until you approach your destination. Optimistic ignorance is kind of like that.



When humans have problems, they look for ‘good enough’ solutions.

People don’t want cheap, they want easy. And people don’t want the best, they want to trust that whatever they’re buying isn’t crap.

They won’t admit it, of course. And if all else is equal, the cheaper object usually wins. All else is never equal, though. At least it shouldn’t be. If you think you’re competing, you’ve already lost.

Buying things because we think that they’re the ’best’ is a lie we tell ourselves. The American Political scientist Herman Simon, who first identified this phenomenon, calls this behavior ‘satisficing’.

Most people maximize in 1-3 areas of expertise and satisfice in everything else––including your product or service. This concept: the juxtaposition between satisficing and maximizing, cuts at the core of our frustrations when we complain about how customers ‘just don’t get it.’

You know the designations and qualifications that matter; others don’t. Get educated so you can develop a good product or service but don’t expect your education or credentials to help you sell it.

1 Quote to Consider

"I've been in some circles with people who make a lot of money and it sucks to see them still chase money when they don't need traditional success only to realize it's never what they wanted. But that's like abs. People need to get it for themselves to see." - Mike Doehla


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Last night my 6 and 1 year old came down as I was cleaning the kitchen and danced and laughed together for 5 minutes straight. Life is good. Hope you're good, too.

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