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Here are 2 coaching concepts, 2 business nuggets, and a quote to consider this week.


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2 Coaching Concepts


Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson used to steal Snickers and eat them before every workout.

The lesson isn't to steal, it's to add a trigger to cue the habit.

In his case, The Rock wanted to workout. So, he ate a Snickers before.

I workout at the community center beside my son's school right after I drop him off.

Dropping him off is the trigger, the workout is the habit.

Help your clients build better habits by forming better cues beforehand.

I do not recommend stealing Snickers.

Mars bars are better.



Trainers can be snobs.

Some won't use machines, some only use kettlebells, and others say resistance bands are for sissies.

The tools you use don't matter to your clients.

Don't be biased with your equipment selection.

Tools have advantages and disadvantages. This week, try to expand your repertoire. Use one new piece of equipment you've never used before.

2 Business Nuggets


Get more clients in January by selling gift cards now.

Tell your clients that they can buy a $200 gift card for only $20.

A few rules:

- The gift card can only be used by new members in January (tell your clients to use it as a Christmas gift).
- Limit it to three per customer (so they buy three and not one.)
- Have a deadline to claim the offer.




Always be marketing in your every day life.

Two examples:

a) Jennette Holzworth was always with her kids at the playground.

So, she wore a shirt that said personal trainer.

Other parents asked her fitness questions, then became clients. In her words,

"My friend thought that I was crazy but she was pleasantly surprised when I walked away with a new client..."

b) Mike Doehla ran an online nutrition company out of coffee shops.

He had a custom computer case made that said,

"Hi, I'm Mike. Ask me nutrition questions, even if I look busy ... and if you're shy, go to strongeru.com"

Mike sold his company and has since retired in his 30's.

Before he retired, Mike co-wrote a book on getting clients with me.

Always. Be. Marketing.

1 Quote to Consider

"Here, too, a brand-new day is beginning.

It could be a day like all the others, or it could be a day remarkable enough in many ways to remain in memory.

In either case, for now, for most people, it is a blank sheet of paper."

-Haruki Murakami



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