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Spent last week in California at a business mastermind. Investing into myself and my business is always a good decision. Some top quotes and takeaways from the $14k+ event in today's email.

First, here's what's new on the Obvious Choice Podcast these past two weeks. Please click to listen:

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Episode 120: 50k IG followers in 30 days

Episode 121: 3 Changes that Made Starbucks Millions

Moving on, here are 2 coaching concepts, 2 business nuggets, and a quote to consider this week.

2 Coaching Concepts


The more responsibility you give somebody, the more responsible they become.



It's not what your fitness program is, it's what your program does.

What you do isn't important.

Who you'll become as a result of what you do is what's important.

Never lose sight of what matters.

2 Business Nuggets


General Kurt von Hammerstein was a German officer famous for two things:

  1. Opposing Hitler, and
  2. how he divided officers.

According to von Hammerstein, every officer possesses at least two of the following qualities: clever, lazy, stupid, and industrious.

He gave the clever and lazy officers the best positions and fired the stupid industrious officers immediately.

Being busy results from lazy thinking. It’s a punishment imposed on people who avoid the few critically important but uncomfortable actions. Anxiety and overwhelm don’t result from the amount of work we have to do. They’re the result of not knowing whether the work we’re doing is making any damn difference.

Vision allows us to work backwards from the problem. Without it, we’re unable to identify whether we’re doing the right thing, even if we are.

If you happened to stumble on the best strategy in the world, would you be able to identify it as such? Probably not. You’d probably still go to bed and wonder what the heck you accomplished that day and feel like tomorrow you needed to ‘change it up’.

Intelligent people tend to zoom in on a good idea too early. And those good ideas are often solutions to the wrong problems.

Vision has three components:

  1. Who its for.
  2. Where they are.
  3. How do we talk to them.

Crystallize your vision first. Let the actions follow.



A challenging question:

"Do I own my online platform, or does my online platform own me?"

1 Quote to Consider

"That’s the thing with time, isn’t it? It’s not all the same. Some days – some years – some decades – are empty. There is nothing to them. It’s just flat water. And then you come across a year, or even a day, or an afternoon. And it is everything. It is the whole thing."

- Matt Haig (From How to Stop Time)


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Can we talk about tacos for a minute? Tacos are a great food. Probably the best food. Real tacos, though. Not expensive tacos from the fancy part of town at that gastropub or whatever that just opened. Greasy tacos from the dude with the cart. A great good. Probably the best food.

P.S. This is me

Obvious Choice Summit Speaker Announcement!

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"How do you always seem to get ahead and stay ahead?"

I got asked this on stage a while back.

My answer was that I always learn from experts outside of my industry.

When you only learn from experts in one field (eg. fitness), you suffer from insular thinking. You copy. It's not your fault. We all do it.

The solution is to find experts in other fields and bring their wisdom into your own business.

My goal in bringing together the INSANE speaker lineup for the Obvious Choice Business Summit is to expose you to others outside of your industry.

Single indsutry events are fine. But they aren't how you get ahead. They're how you stay in a sea of sameness.

Events like this are how you get ahead.

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