I’ve mostly stopped posting new content to Instagram.

Alexander asked me why today. Here’s what I told him:

Hey Alexander. Thanks.

I repost stuff often. It’s actually rare for me to create new material.

There’s a few reasons:

1. If I feel the urge I create new, but if I don’t, I still want to post.
2. The majority of my followers and others not following me haven’t seen my posts.
3. IG isn’t my primary focus. That focus is on my mentorship, my software, my podcast, and my book writing. Those things, in addition to my family, leave little time or energy for anything else.

To put it another way: IG simply isn’t important enough for me to stress about always creating new material. It’s too hard, and the benefits don’t outweigh the negatives of what it would detract from: My bigger projects that have more impact.

There’s simply too much to do.

These days I think the most important decision we can make is what not to do.

I already have great IG material — stuff that is proven to be both popular and useful.

The time to create brand new all of the time, which would likely result in a bit better engagement, is not worth the time that would take away from other things.

And, honestly, Instagram content is short-form and not substantial. I can’t help people much here. My only goal here is to attract people who decide to go deeper with me with my books, software, podcast, or a combo because that’s where I can actually help them.