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5-Reps: Money, health, love, and relationships

First, here's what's new this week.

Obvious Choice Podcast Episodes:

Money / Work


Being driven to success in life often results in a mediocre version of it.


"There’s a paradox about being “interesting.” Just as confident people don’t talk about how confident they are, and funny people don’t tell you how hilarious they are, being interesting is not something interesting people aspire to."

- Matt Kepnes

Health / Resilience


The question is not whether or not you will roll your ankle. It is whether or not rolling your ankle will injure you.

Bad things happen. Loved ones get sick; business deals go sour; strings of bad luck feel endless.

Building resiliency is about getting strong when times are good, so you can stand tall when they aren't. You must become tolerant to life's intolerances.

Love / Relationships


Grow love when you have it, not when you need it.


A woman, married for 70 years, gave this advice:

Marriage isn't 50/50. It's not even 60/40. Instead, it's 90/10. Sometimes I give 90%, and he gives 10. And sometimes I'm feeling down in the dumps and only give 10%, and he gives 90.

And sometimes, when times are really good, we're both giving 90.

Point is, we don't keep score.


A Few Good Quotes from a Great Book

"Why am I in such a rush to become somebody I don’t even like?"

"Hurry and love are incompatible. All my worst moments as a father, a husband, and a pastor, even as a human being, are when I’m in a hurry—late for an appointment, behind on my unrealistic to-do list, trying to cram too much into my day. I ooze anger, tension, a critical nagging—the antitheses of love."

-John Mark Comer (from The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry)

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Feel free to reply back and share your thoughts on this new tweak in format, whether you like the change and your favorite part of this week's note.

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