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Here's what's new on the Obvious Choice podcast.

Episode 90: How to Hire
Episode 91: Pull Your Business Out Of A Hole

Moving on, here are 2 coaching concepts, 2 business nuggets, and a quote to consider this week.

2 Coaching Concepts


Let them play a role in creating their plan.

Humans aren't stupid. They simply crave challenges.

If they make the plan they’ll view following it as a challenge to overcome. On the other hand, if you dictate to them what they need to do, they’ll often view it as a threat, not a challenge, and retreat.



Do cardio for general health.

Run to build your lungs.

Run to strengthen your heart.

Run to improve your mental health.

But don't run to lose weight.

Cardio's a bad way to burn fat but an excellent way to get healthy.

2 Business Nuggets


A new customer needs to know two things right away:

  1. What do I do now?
  2. Who do I contact and how do I contact them if I need anything?



Sales conversations are change conversations. Change is uncomfortable.

You need to be a curious and confident skeptic. Dig deep. Cut through the noise. It’s not witty comebacks or perfect phrases that you need. It’s curiosity.

Reframe what’s happening: You didn’t convince them to speak with you or inquire about your business, they’ve decided to. Odds are:

  1. They have a problem.
  2. They want what you sell.
  3. They know it costs money.
  4. And here they are, talking to you.
  5. And you can help them, too.
  6. How wonderful.

My background is coaching, but I’ve performed hundreds of sales meetings and my company has a sales team that performs thousands of consultative sales conversations a year.

Through all of this experience, one thing has become clear: selling is coaching.

Your sales process

1 Quote to Consider

"Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) looks like ambition but often results in recklessness."

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