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Moving on, here are 2 fitness concepts, 2 business nuggets, and a quote to consider this week.

2 Fitness Tips


In 16 years, I've never been injured lifting weights. The reason is simple: I don't go as hard as I can in the gym.

My philosophy is to leave two reps in the hole––to stop when I could squeeze out two more.

Lifting for regular people has a risk / reward ratio to respect. No pain, no gain is silly.

I can afford to get fitter, slower. I can't afford to get hurt.


Trainers . . .

The only part about what you do that matters is what matters to other people who aren’t you.

2 Business Nuggets


It’s true that social media is an incredible way for you to reach people; me too.

It’s also true that technology allows you to precisely target potential customers with advertisements; me too.

And, yes, it’s true that artificial intelligence is a fantastic way for you to create huge amounts of content; me too.

The more people there are playing the same game, the harder it is for anybody to win. What initially looks like an advantage unfortunately results in us all working more, benefitting less, and burning out.

For the earliest adopters and the most skilled, the rewards are huge. Democratization of technology results in what can be compared to a developing country’s economy: A few super-rich elites, no middle class, and the majority of the population working hard, yet poor, hungry, and desolate.


Whenever there’s technological disruption I think about it like it’s the start of winter and it sucks outside and the sun starts going down at 5:30pm and you can look out your window and be sad and grumpy. Or you can invite friends over and share blankets and drink hot chocolate and watch terrible movies and make fun of how lame they are. Both of these are ways to deal with bad weather. But one’s great and the other sucks. Ultimately, our response to things out of our control is our choice.

1 Quote to Consider

"Confusing customers with features and specs in a vain attempt to convince them your thing is better doesn’t solve their problem––it gives them more things to think about. Which causes delays. Get out of your own head. It's about them, not you. That, and confused people don’t buy."


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First day back in my second home here in Mexico. Had tacos twice. Figure I'll make that a habit. Oh, and a reminder that no one will understand you. It isn’t ultimately that important. What’s important is that you understand you.

P.S. What is this black magic?

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