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Obvious Choice Podcast Episodes:

167: Building a High-End Brand (Hot Seat)

168: Asking Better Questions

169: A Real Obvious Choice Case Study*

*If you only listen to one, make it this one.

Moving on, here are 2 fitness concepts, 2 business nuggets, and a quote to consider this week.

2 Fitness Tips


"Whenever I see someone touting the merits of, say, neuroscientist and podcaster Andrew Huberman’s $370 supplement stack, I’m tempted to go full PubMed on them. You really think the herbal extract Fadogia agrestis is going to boost your “healthspan and muscle performance” based on an obscure study of male albino rats published by the Asian Journal of Andrology back in 2005? A grand total of zero human trials is what Huberman means by a “robust foundation of science”?"

-Alex Hutchinson

From this article


If you want to get into great shape, it’s best to avoid maximum effort and instead focus on stacking small and controllable exercise wins over time.

In addition to the obvious benefits of injury avoidance, improved recovery, and motivation, the 85% rule, popularized by the 8X gold medallist sprinter Carl Lewis, actually improves performance in both fitness and work.

2 Business Nuggets


Low prices results in fewer resources to solve problems. It leaves less for customer service, quality, innovation, and ultimately results in unsatisfied customers, low retention, and a poor referral rate.

The reaction to low lead flow is often to further reduce pricing. But pricing or affordability is never the issue.

How to increase your price


Social media’s best thought of as a lagging, not leading, indicator of impact. It amplifies what’s already there. It’s the fuel, not the fire.

Think of your online platform as a savings account: Make investments when you have extra time and money. It’s ok to hope that it kicks off ongoing interest so long as you plan for it to take years to develop into anything meaningful.

1 Quote to Consider

“Profit and common good are but two sides of the same coin.” - Hernan Diaz


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Just booked a celebration trip for the end of February with my Dad to Oaxaca City for when I finish my book. Now I need to actually finish it.

P.S. I feel you, bro

Celebrating 40,000 QuickCoach Users!

To be honest, we crossed 40,000 users a while back. I don't check often.

Crazy to have so many fitness, nutrition, and habit coaches using the platform in a year and a half both online and in-person considering I still haven't run a single advertisement for QuickCoach.

I guess what I'm saying is "thank you."

To everybody who has test-driven the app, shared the app with friends and colleagues and recommended it in Facebook groups. Thank you.

If you haven't yet, please start using QuickCoach to coach your clients.

It's free.

Simply open www.QuickCoach.Fit in any browser and register.

You'll be prompted to download the coach app right after.

We have a full array of tutorials and demos and also a very helpful Facebook group where you can ask questions to get set up.


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