Happy 5-Reps Friday!

Here are 2 coaching concepts, 2 business nuggets, and a quote to consider this week.


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2 Coaching Concepts


Speak the client's language.

They might not know what the 'glutes' are.

Don't give an anatomy lesson.

Instead, call it a 'butt'.



Confidence comes from the rigidity of the process.

Experts build constraints into their business.

"This is our process. This is how we get people results."

People might fight you on those constraints.

If you are confident in what you do, you push back, because you know it works.

The result: Increased confidence in what you do and better adherence.

2 Business Nuggets


A yoga teacher always starts her class with this line:

"Congrats. The hardest part is over. You showed up."

Worrying is often far worse than the task itself.

Showing up's the hard part.



Sell more training by getting a client to open up.

Be a good listener, and let the conversation flow naturally.

It all starts with good questions. Here's four:

“What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to right now?”

“What specifically would you need help with?”

“What’s the biggest reason you aren’t already there?”

“What do you mean?”

1 Quote to Consider

"Fitness coaching is an investment, not an expense."


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