Happy 5-Reps Friday!

Here are 2 coaching concepts, 2 business nuggets, and a quote to consider this week.


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2 Coaching Concepts


Trainers don't all have six-packs.

Yes, we also enjoy an extra piece of pie and skip workouts.

Being fit is important, but it isn't all we think about.

Fitness for life isn't a 30-day challenge.

We're training to enjoy life, not look good for a photoshoot.

The more honest you are with your clients about how human you are, the better their results will be.



Technique over ego.

Lighter weights lifted well gets better results than heavy weights lifted poorly.

'Light' doesn't mean easy though.

Intensity is important.

2-3 tough sets drives more progress than 4-5 easy sets.

2 Business Nuggets


Referred customers are easier to sell, spend more, and refer others.

Here's three truths about referrals:

a) Gift cards don't encourage referrals.

b) Make it natural for the client.

c) Follow up.

A 7-step process for getting referrals



Stop making content so hard.

Be targeted.

Identify one ideal person in your niche.

List their:
-Age + occupation.
-Struggles + dreams.

Pretend as if everything you create is for them. Give them a name.

Your goal should be to get 30 people to LOVE you, not 10,000 who kind of care.

The 5 other things most online trainers miss here

1 Quote to Consider

“Life is an adventure, not a test.


There are no correct answers in the back of the book; we don’t get to find out what was behind door number two; we never even know whether we won.


If you want some guarantee that everything will turn out all right and you’ll have no regrets, it’s not an adventure you want; it’s a theme park.”


-Timothy Kreider



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