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Best Content of the Week

This week's roundup has something for everybody:

  • A counterintuitive look at binge eating
  • A step-by-step guide to simplifying your online sales process
  • A close reading of the multiple fitness myths expressed in a single comment on a social media post
  • A conversation with two successful fitness entrepreneurs about resilience in a time of unprecedented challenges

— Esther Avant

Best Article

How Binge Eating Is Actually Your Inner Advocate -- Stefanie Bonastia, jessikneeland.com

Binge eating is simultaneously the "least glamorous," "least talked about," and most common form of disordered eating, says Stefanie Bonastia, who argues that it's also misunderstood. She sees it as "a radical, albeit misguided," act of rebellion against a system that demands restriction. Whether you agree or disagree, it's a provocative thesis. 

— Shane McLean

Best Social Media Post


Posted by Sohee Lee on Thursday, October 8, 2020

Fitness professionals are often too busy arguing with each other to notice that our clients and followers still believe long-debunked fitness myths. Sohee Lee highlights several of them in a single comment from a reader: 1) Running makes you lean; 2) Lifting makes you bulky; 3) People who look a certain way are experts on how to achieve that look. As long as that misinformation is still out there, it's on us to correct it when we see it. 

— Christina Abbey

GO DEEPER: 10 Myths Your New Clients Probably Believe

Best Podcast

Closing Down One Gym, Marketing, and Business Partnerships -- Stuart Aitken with guests Mark Fisher and Michael Keeler, Lift the Bar

Michael Keeler and Mark Fisher, cofounders of Mark Fisher Fitness and Business for Unicorns, recently had to close one of their two gyms. They talk about the emotional toll of making that decision, how to build brand awareness and leverage social media for lead generation, and the keys to their longtime business partnership.

— Mike Howard

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