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Best Content of the Week

You'll notice a theme running through much of this week's best content: You need more than technical skill to succeed as a personal trainer, especially as we struggle to make it through the pandemic.

Therapist Lisa Lewis explains why mental agility is just as important as physical strength, especially at a moment like this. Brett Bartholomew advocates for more focus on interpersonal skills in coaching education programs. And Sumi Singh's interview on the Cool, Calm, and Chaotic podcast reminds us that we're more than just our jobs.

And we'll get to all that. But first, a word from our sponsor.

— Esther Avant


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Best Article

Building and Sustaining Resilience -- Lisa Lewis, tonygentilcore.com

Most of us can handle a stressful day or two. But when those stressful days turn into weeks, and stressful weeks go on for months, even the most optimistic trainers can lose hope. But as Lisa Lewis explains, there are ways to thrive, if you're willing to put in the work. "Working on your mental agility could help you to think more objectively, effectively, and productively," she says. 

— Shane McLean

Best Video

Training Mistakes We See All the Time -- BarBend

Know anybody who's frustrated by their lack of results but blind to the role they might be playing in that? Send them this video from BarBend! Based on an article from our own Shane McLean, it uses humor to drive home the importance of taking responsibility for your own results, admitting your mistakes, and doing better.

— Esther Avant

Best Social Media Post

Posted by Brett Bartholomew on Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Coaching education and development programs focus almost exclusively on programming and exercise technique. But it's interpersonal skills that differentiate the best coaches from the rest, Brett Bartholomew writes. Those are the skills you can implement with your clients and athletes, and they're the ones too few coaching programs focus on.

— Christina Abbey

Best Podcast

Our Cows Are the Most Delicious -- Mark Zarate with guest Sumi Singh

Sumi Singh talks about the many hats she wears, and how hard she worked to "luck" into a great fitness career as a trainer and author, all while maintaining her most important role as a mom. She also takes us through her training en route to setting impressive strength records.

— Mike Howard

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