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Money / Work


"The ugly truth is that social media is a gloriously inefficient way to build a business. Consider it a savings account, an investment into long-term career capital. Make deposits with extra time and money. Hope it kicks off interest, but don’t depend on it for short-term returns."

(Much more on this, and a four-stage, content-creation framework in Chapter 14, “Social Media Is Not Enough.” in my next book, The Obvious Choice (Preorder here))


The more high technology around us, the more the need for human touch.”

-John Naisbitt (from Megatrends, published in 1982)

Health / Resilience


Our world isn’t a paint-by-numbers kit.

As young people, we’re told what to do, how to think, and when and where to show up. Success is simple to understand: Good grades are good, and bad grades are bad.
Then we grow up and realize that life isn’t best lived by the kind of guy who only eats cheese in single slices. The rules aren’t black and white. Moreso, grayish.

Should you try to get rich? Maybe.

How rich? I don’t know.

Will getting rich make you happy? Probably not.

What will? I don’t know that either.

For the ambitious, this ambiguity is hard to reconcile.

Love / Relationships


In our final moments we all realize that relationships are what life is all about. Wisdom is learning that truth sooner rather than later. Don’t wait until you’re on your deathbed to figure out that nothing matters more.


"When it seems like everything at home is going well, you will be lulled into believing that you can put your investments in these relationships onto the back burner.

That would be an enormous mistake.

By the time serious problems arise in those relationships, it often is too late to repair them.

This means, almost paradoxically, that the time when it is most important to invest in building strong families and close friendships is when it appears, at the surface, as if it’s not necessary."

-Arthur C. Brooks


A Few Good Quotes from a Great Book

"Maybe we should try not to understand so much, and accept some more"

"She then made the most complex facial expression I have ever seen on a human. A kind of frustrated scorn, tinged with sympathy, which slowly softened into a deep, wide humour, culminating in forgiveness and something I couldn’t quite recognise, but which I thought might have been love."

"New technology, on Earth, just means something you will laugh at in five years. Value the stuff you won’t laugh at in five years. Like love. Or a good poem. Or a song. Or the sky."

"Let’s go upstairs,’ she said. She said the word suggestively, as though upstairs wasn’t just a place but an alternate reality, made from a different texture of space-time. A pleasure land we would enter via a worm hole on the sixth stair. And, of course, she was absolutely right."

-Matt Haig (from The Humans)

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