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The Episode: Facebook Group Secrets

After the “Ren’s nonsense” segment (it’s literally in the script) gives us some insight into the cruise industry, the crew explains how to make an engaging and personable Facebook group. They cover the steps for naming your group, spreading the word, and increasing your followers, and offer a great tool to foster engagement. And if you create a group about 1970s TV shows, Ren will join within seconds.

In This Episode

  • How Jonathan approaches groups on Facebook and beyond
  • The most important point to remember when naming a group
  • Everyone shares the genius behind their group names
  • The final piece of naming a group
  • Jonathan’s guide for spreading awareness and gaining members
  • How Carolina uses Instagram to spread even more awareness
  • Ren’s advice on cultivating engagement
  • An often overlooked tool Jonathan recommends
  • Ren’s final tips for making your group something special
  • How to handle “crickets” in your group


“What you name your group, and how you position it, should be celebrating the people who are looking to succeed with your premium program. The name should lead into that.” - Jonathan Goodman


Let the Name Do the Talking

An easy pitfall that people fall into when naming their group is being too literal or “how-to.” (“How to get six-pack abs" is an obvious example.) Yes, a group name should be direct. But to grab attention, it needs to celebrate what its members are achieving and broadcast an empowering message.

My Group Has Three Members, and They're All My Friends!

After you give your group a rockstar name, you still need to spread awareness and gain a quality following. How? Tip #1: Do not send people cold invitations. Tip #2: See Tip #1. After that, create posts that encourage user engagement, such as polls or questionnaires. Show your user base that you're genuinely interested in them as people, not just numbers, and your group will become a community.

Deafening Silence

What if you post a questionnaire and get nothing but crickets? Post something that, at minimum, gets people to react. even if it’s not entirely related to your group—a silly picture, a fact about your industry ... Get people talking and, ideally, interacting with each other. Be patient and consistent, and your following will grow.


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