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The Episode: What To Do When You're In A Rut

The inevitability of better and worse times in your career does not have to be an unnecessarily big problem. Through a little persistence and patience, we can ride out the tough times and will slowly experience the temporary nature of the valley we might fall into. These are lessons that are learned over time and through life, but we are here to affirm you, that some self-awareness, kindness, and faith, can make everything more manageable, even when it does not feel that way! As we have often said on the show, comparisons are almost always the enemy, and the more you can hold that thought in your mind, the easier the tricky periods will be. A slump can be kept in context if we do not spiral into a negative way that exacerbates the issue. Simple and patient action will get you through and prepare you for your next great success!

In This Episode

  • Seeing through the plateaus and difficult periods between successes
  • Staying away from unnecessary comparisons
  • Getting accustomed to the tough times
  • The questions and doubts that can creep into the mind
  • A process to follow to break a negative cycle
  • Following your own needs with regards to routines and rest


“Success comes, not in short, incremental gains, but quantum leaps.” — Jonathan Goodman


The Hills and Valley of Business

It is a common experience to level up in life and business, and then for things to slow down. In order to keep going, we have to learn how to endure these periods, as they can trick you into feeling like a failure! One of the most foundational aspects of this is considering and examining your beliefs about success and money-making, and laying out a plan of unique goals and how to work backward from these.

Playing Your Own Game

Each of us, to a certain extent, is playing a different game, and we should not be making comparisons between these sports with different goals and different rules! Ask yourself, what you really want from your life and your business, this will allow more space for your own success, and even celebrating others'. Unhealthy comparisons seem to almost be a part of human nature, but that does not mean we cannot learn better habits!

Negative Cycles and Thought Patterns

The first time we go through a dip or a tough time with our business, it can be very hard and overwhelming. There is no easy answer, as we have to just stick it out, identify what is happening, and catch your thought patterns. These cycles can lead to questioning and doubts, and there are definite trigger points for this, often when we are less productive or inspired. The issue here is that the doubts and comparisons are mostly based on assumptions rather than reality, so as soon as we start making choices from a place of more awareness we can take action against any feelings of despair!


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