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The Episode: Online Training Should Be Fun

Any business will have challenges and entrepreneurship is not a walk in the park. When you can bring some joy and fun into your work, whether it is the process of answering emails or the time you spend with clients, you can alleviate and mitigate much of the fatigue and stress that is to be expected. This can mean making things more in alignment with your unique personality, learning ways to lighten the mood with clients that are struggling, or just leaning into your expertise in order to feel more relaxed. Whichever ways suit you, we highly recommend making fun a priority for yourself and your clients.

In This Episode

  • Injecting some joy into the stresses of online coaching
  • Creating an outlet to boost your energy and productivity
  • Insisting on enjoyment in your life and business
  • Reframing difficult client conversations
  • Bringing humor into your content and lightening the mood
  • Execution is everything
  • Enjoying the journey of building a business


“Having the ability to interject humor when you're communicating with a client, wherever you can, is really a great way to better enjoy what you do.” — Ren Jones


The Difference that Fun Can Make

Adding some levity to your work can make a big difference and make the tough times much more tolerable. Most of us know that entrepreneurship can sometimes be a lonely and tricky road to walk, so adding in some adjacent outlets and elements to your workflow can boost your energy and excitement. Remember, fun is physical and allowing space for that type of energy in your coaching can impact the results of your clients too, which should be your priority. Professionalism and fun are not mutually exclusive, you want to love the process of building a successful business!

Business Does not Have to Be So Serious

There is no reason to suffer through your work, because running things as a coach can be such a creative pursuit. The idea of gamification has grown in the popular imagination in recent times, and this method for bringing the fun back into potentially arduous parts of work can be really powerful. This entails knowing yourself and what gets you going and how you can inject your personality into your work. All of these little strategies will be appreciated by those you work with, and have lasting effects on your success.

The Relationship Between Humor and Confidence

Another important thing to keep in mind is that your content does not have to be completely serious. Sometimes we get confused about this, but in actual fact, usually, more expertise and confidence lead to more fun-filled content. When we present materials we have created, we should be free and easy with it, that is a good sign of the level to which you are in control of what you know. When you know your message well, you are free to adapt it and play with it, so go out and do something fun and remember, execution is everything!


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