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The Episode:  How The Needle Actually Moves

This episode takes a more philosophical approach than usual as we get into the important themes of growth and success. The biggest message we want to deliver while addressing getting the needle to move is staying the course, and trying to keep some focus on the macro picture, instead of paying too much attention to the micro. It is all about doing the right thing in your business, day in and day out, essentially playing the odds in the right way. The needle does not move slowly and steadily, and you never know when you are about to strike gold, the trick to success is staying committed so that you don't quit just before you find the treasure you have been digging for! 

In This Episode

  • The lesson we should be learning from surprises
  • Putting your head down and sticking to the work
  • Harnessing a nothing-to-lose mindset
  • Your story might be different to everyone else's
  • Bearing the fruit of consistent effort and work


“It's easy to zoom out on somebody else's life, and hard to zoom out on your own.” — Jonathan Goodman


Winning Through Consistent Work

The events of life and business can be surprising! The truth is that we do not often experience slow and steady growth, but rather we have periods of intense growth and leveling up. It might even feel like a lot of stagnation, interspersed with a few lucky breaks. So what we really need to do is keep enough space open, by staying focused, for the five percent of the time that things go right, and make up for the other harder times. 

Making the Most of Your Advantages

There is a certain freedom that comes with feeling like you have nothing to lose, so that is a good energy to embody when working towards a big goal! It can come as a big surprise when your ship comes in, and the less you can focus on external stories and comparisons the more you will be able to enjoy it when it does. We recommend trying to zoom out on your life and path, even though this can be quite tough sometimes!

You Can't Predict When the Needle Will Move

No one can know how and when the rewards for hard work will arrive, and it can feel daunting pouring yourself into something so unknown. But at the same time, things can change really quickly, and this is why sometimes it seems that someone comes out of nowhere and is an overnight sensation. In reality, this is almost always the result of years of work and the eventual success that comes from that!


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