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The Episode: But What If I Don't "Look" Like a Trainer?

There is space for every type of trainer in the world of online coaching. The common image of a half-naked influencer that we see so often on social media is not the only legitimate model for how to help clients. There are elements to your training that are more valuable than the way you look, and trying to reach the peak of physical conditioning in order to validate your work should not be your aim. In this episode, we explore the importance of relatability, communication, and a unique set of skills that can help your clients believe in themselves and achieve their goals.

In This Episode

  • Stepping into the shoes of a client and why it's great for coaches to have coaches
  • Misconceptions about the appearance of trainers
  • Making the most of the uneven nature of the playing field
  • Finding your own strength and skill set to offer
  • Normalizing your timeline and journey
  • Comparison is not inspiration
  • Keeping your interactions with social media and external standards healthy


“You have to really, really understand that there are different playing fields. You have to understand the game, and you don't get frustrated playing someone else's game.” — Jonathan Goodman


Focussing on Relatability

We often field questions and concerns around appearance and presentability as a coach. It may come as a surprise to some, but you do not need to be in perfect shape or even near-perfect shape to be a coach or to help others. Knowledge, experience, and the ability to relay your stories are a lot more valuable than how you look. If clients are able to relate to your journey, this is a huge plus, so talk about your unique story and challenges!

Finding your Own Story and Power

It is necessary to acknowledge the biases that exist towards certain standards of beauty and physical appearance. There is a reason why Instagram influencers look the way they do. But all this means is that you need to play to your strengths; it is a waste of time to compete in a race that does not suit you. You need to thrive in your own game, a game in which you can connect with an appropriate audience that you can offer value to.

Accessing Real Inspiration

We often confuse comparative content and media with inspiration. With the array of different people, body types, and needs out there, there is an equally wide range of inspiring coaching that is needed. All you need to do is look at high-level athletes and their coaches to see this. The idea that there is only one way to be a coach and help people is a huge misconception, so find what type you are and believe in yourself!

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