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The Episode: How to Be More Efficient by Knowing What to Automate and Delegate

What are some common errors personal trainers make? In this episode, the gang talks about automation and delegation. This process necessarily means setting your ego aside to make your program more efficient. Making assumptions about what clients want from you can lead to constraining yourself when you should be delegating. Listen now to find out how to free yourself by starting the process of automating and delegating!

In This Episode

  • Ren’s Disney character voices
  • Jonathan’s big news from the Personal Trainer Development Center company camp
  • It’s a hard lesson to learn, but you may not be as important as you think you are
  • Are you putting an unnecessary constraint on yourself?
  • Other ways to be involved with your program without the constraints
  • The messaging, tone, and voice can continue with the right people
  • What to do before you delegate


“Disconnect from your ego for a minute when you’re talking about delegation and automation. Do people actually need to talk to you? With a good structure, they don’t.” – Jonathan Goodman


You’re not as important as you think you are (sorry)

Your ego will tell you that everyone needs to have direct contact with you, but that’s just not true. Jonathan has ways to step back and let your program run without you being there.

Keep your essential message, voice, and tone

Everyone will have their own way of sharing your message. Before you start delegating, codify your guidelines and standard operating procedures. How do you talk about the things you want to tell people?

It’s all about communication

When you delegate work to others, they need to know exactly what you expect from them. For that, you need to know what to prepare, and how to prepare it.



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