Most coaches should ignore social media.

In a FB group, somebody asked, "how do I grow my social media to get more clients?"

My response:

“Do you want to grow social media or do you want to get more clients? Both are fine, but they aren’t the same thing.”


This person was doing was working forwards from an assumed solution.

Instead, they should be working backwards from the problem of 'how do I get clients.'


According to the Nielsen Trust in Advertising Study:

89% of people most trust recommendations from people they know (word of mouth)

23% of people trust ads from influencers.

Social media's what we see. As a result, people put too much focus on it.

Here’s a timely, yet timeless, fact:

Stuff that we can't measure ––the friend saying “check this out”–– drives the VAST majority of business.

Social media isn't how you build a business.

You build a business and then you amplify it on social media.


You can be an influencer or you can be a coach.

Neither is better or worse.


A coach needs 30-50 clients.

An influencer, or creator, or entertainer (because they're all the same thing)trying to build the biggest audience possible.

Most can't sell coaching. Entertainers sell endorsements, sponsorships, and low-priced items like supplements and clothing.

If a coach tries to play influencer, they'll lose.

If an influencer tries to play coach, they'll lose.


You're allowed to change your game. But you have to accept the rules of the game you're playing.

For example, I used to be a coach. Now I'm trying to win the internet. I wouldn't be publishing content like this if I needed a few clients.

The difference between what someone suggests you do and what they do for themselves isn't always a bad thing. Instead, it underscores that this is a complicated.

You have different time horizons, aspirations, and circumstances from somebody else.


I have a framework for you to follow if you want to get more clients.

It's called the Human Optimized Marketing System (HOMS).

The Human Optimized Marketing System (HOMS) should form the framework of marketing for coaches. It has 5 steps:

1. What change do I help people make?

2. Who are my customers?

3. What do they want?

4. Where am I going to find them?

5. How can I talk to them today?

For a few examples and a deeper dive, please listen to episode 28 of The Obvious Choice Podcast titled "5 Steps to Easy Sales".

The podcast name is 'The Obvious Choice'. It's available wherever you listen to podcasts.