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2 Coaching Concepts


Beginner clients tend to have poor work capacity.

Six to eight exercises per session is plenty.

Have them do full body each day. One set per exercise. three workouts per week.

Alternate upper- and lower-body exercises at medium intensity with no rest.

Program design for beginners



20% of all people experience a mental health challenge.

If your client is one of them, there's 3 things to keep in mind:

1. Remember you're a trainer, not a doctor.

2. Let them set the pace.

3. Don't be afraid to reach out.

Training clients with mental health challenges

2 Business Nuggets


My wife made jewellery to raise money for battered women in Mexico.

She took a picture posted it to her 1,500 IG followers. Nobody responded.

So she took a better picture and posted it again. Nobody responded.

Then she emailed 10 people personally.

8 responded. 6 bought.

In a social media world, the way to make sales is still human to human.



Personal brand > company brand

Last year, I marketed under our company name and would celebrate 5k views.

This year, I'm marketing under my name and easily reach 1 million+ weekly.

Show your face, not your logo.

My business almost failed last year

1 Quote to Consider

"If you think working out is hard, try living life out of shape."

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