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Big news! We passed 100 episodes on the Obvious Choice podcast. Here's what's new:

Episode 99: Make it easy before you make it hard
Episode 100: A few stories

Moving on, here are 2 coaching concepts, 2 business nuggets, and a quote to consider this week.

2 Coaching Concepts


Don't let your goals weigh you down.

Concrete goals are good and fun...until they aren't.

Your goals will slowly shift from aspirational to anchors. While well-intentioned, the very things that may motivate and push you forward can ultimately weigh you down.

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5 steps to build trust, promote behaviour change, and improve results with online clients:

  1. Unlock the client’s motivation
  2. Establish three-month behavioral goals
  3. Decide on 12 incremental changes to reach those goals
  4. Track adherence
  5. Review and reassess

Deep-dive on each

2 Business Nuggets


There’s virtually unlimited advice about building the best business. A lot of it is good advice.

Despite it being good advice, most of it isn’t good advice for you.

If somebody has different time horizons, aspirations, family circumstances, and a willingness to work hard––or not work hard––than you, good advice for them is different from you. Perhaps this is why the difference between what experts tell you to do and what they do themselves can be simultaneously jarring and perfectly OK.



A man calls a plumber to his house to fix the water heater. "Won't heat the water, I've tried everything" - he says.

The plumber shows up, looks at the heater carefully, and places his ear on it. He runs his fingers lightly on the side of the heater and then taps it with a small hammer. The heater starts right up, the man is happy, and the plumber goes away.

Two days later, the bill shows up from the plumber, "Water Heater Repair: $500," it says.

The business owner calls up the plumber angry and yells, "$500?! All you did was tap the heater, and you charged me $500?! I need to see an itemized version of your bill, to see why you thought that was worth $500."

Two days later, the new bill arrives in the mail.

Tapping the heater with a hammer, $1.

Knowing where to tap it, $499.

1 Quote to Consider

“Society tells you that success is getting the most powerful position possible. But I asked myself: Is that what would make me happiest?” - Steve Wozniak (who co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs before famously leaving the company giving up billions of dollars.)


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