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Last week on The Obvious Choice podcast I went deep into coaching principles. I hope you find it helps you help you clients better.

Also, because it's in the news, I've linked episode 18 on artificial intelligence.

Episode 46: How to Get Your Clients to Do What They Need to Do

Moving on, here are 2 coaching concepts, 2 business nuggets, and a quote to consider this week.

2 Coaching Concepts


Your process of getting results doesn’t matter to your client. All they care about is who they will become as a result of your process.

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It’s human nature to want to make big changes quickly. A simple scale to 10 opens up a dialogue of how realistic a self-imposed plan is for the client.

If your client isn’t at a 9 or 10 they won’t stick to it.

2 Business Nuggets


Most people who leave coaching in the search for illusive passive or scalable income would be much better off sticking to coaching.

Learning how to scale coaching and charge what you're worth is often smarter and simpler than developing low-end membership sites or Ebooks.

Building a high-impact, high-profit coaching program



Sales objections aren’t rejections, they’re invitations to go deeper.

Getting an objection means the client wants to engage more. If they weren’t interested, they’d end the conversation.

Don’t argue, seek understanding.

Uncover what’s behind their concern. Use objections as opportunities to go deeper. Put on your coaching hat. Be a curious skeptic. Here's some questions:

How do you mean?

Why do you say that?

Why do you put it that way?

How did you arrive at that?

Why do you feel that way?

Can you tell me more about that?

Can I ask where you got your information on that?

1 Quote to Consider

“If you stop thinking that you must change the world, you lift a tremendous burden off yourself and the people around you. There’s no longer this convenient excuse for why it has to be all work all the time. The opportunity to do another good day’s work will come again tomorrow, even if you go home at a reasonable time.” - Jason Fried



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