Personal training's too easy. The barriers of entry are low and overall quality if poor. The slick talking guy at your gym with the gelled up hair is making a killing giving the same bodybuilding splits to a 60 year old that he does a 20 year old. The girl working alongside you flashes her a smile and shows some skin to make the sale. She doesn't know the first thing about fascial lines... You hate it and it's everywhere. So maybe personal training is too easy.

Yeah it is... To be adequate. A lot of things are easy to do an ok job at, to float through life, to not leave a mark or impact. So what? This happens everywhere and it doesn't affect you. Let them make $30,000 a year and float on by. In 10 years look back at where they are and where you are. You're different and you're better - so stop getting frustrated.

So the internet "guru" is spreading "research" based information and people are eating it up. Maybe he's figured out the secret to making information spread. Study and learn from him. Don't get frustrated. Try doing something different then rehashing the same info on the squat on your blog. Write from the heart and take ownership over your thoughts. Show your personality and humor. Use words like "I" and "my" instead of "you" and "as a trainer". Be an original and give people a reason to love you.

Start your own movement and build your own army of clients or trainers, big or small. Create your legacy whatever way you see fit.

So maybe personal training is too easy because, well, most exercise works good enough. 3 sets of 12 work just fine for most people. But I ask if that's what really makes a trainer? Stop caring about the fakers and the jokers and start building your legacy because when it's all over nobody will remember them and everybody will remember you.