"My knees hurt when I squat"

"Can we do upper body again today? My knees hurt."

I'm willing to bet that you have at least 3 clients on your roster right now that suffer from chronic knee pain. Heck, you probably get it from time to time. Like you, I've banged my head against the wall looking for magical ways to get my clients exercising without having their knees hurt. I've tried eccentrics, decreasing range, using machines, and not using machines. Suddenly I hear my clients voice excitedly say "this one doesn't hurt". I'm floored. Suddenly every one of my clients is doing the Peterson step-up to strengthen their VMO and all's right in the world.

Then Groundhog Day happens and my clients come in the next week complaining of knee pain again. It's not debilitating -- it's a chronic ache. It stops them from performing well and impairs their quality of life. If I could only fix their chronic knee pain I'd have a dedicated client and be swimming in referrals.

Here's the deal folks. I'll be straight up with you. I get sent e-books and materials to promote every week. If you've read this site for a while you know that we almost never promote anything. I make sure to personally read through and try out any and all methods put forth in the book before advising you to buy it. This one is truly special. The PTDC exists solely on commissions garnered through product sales. If you want to support us and decide to buy anything you promote I ask that you please click through on the links we provide. It's how we get paid to keep the site running and free.

When Anthony Mychal sent me this book last week I was skeptical. I read it through in two days and immediately had steps to implement with my clients. In addition I had a much better understanding of what chronic knee pain really is. The types, anatomy, and how to fix it -- start to finish. I was blown away by the quality and depth of information, ease of reading, and simple charts / workouts to follow. In fact, here's an article that Anthony had published on T-Nation on the very subject: Straight Forward Knee Rehab.

What I took from An Athlete's Guide to Chronic Knee Pain

1. Clear and concise explanation of the different types and mechanisms or injury

Patellar tendonitis, patellar tracking issues, and patellofemoral pain are terms you hear every day but do you actually know what they mean? Do you know what the mechanisms are that cause chronic knee pain?

2. Descriptions of the different theories of knee pain

Do you know what dominance and VMO theories are?

3. Soft tissue considerations

Beyond fascial work I learnt a great tip for making a methanol rub with coconut oil and cayenne pepper among others.

4. Knee tracking, weight distribution, forefoot, footwear, and femoral control

Anthony goes into some detail on all of these subjects and gives assessment tools, stretches, and exercises for each. What interested me the most was all of the info on strengthening the feet. I knew that we needed to take care of them more but didn't know much of the reasoning behind it or what to do. The exercises are bomb.

One of the neatest things is the wide range of exercises and stretches that can be done outside of the gym. I've been using the book's pictures and exercises as handouts for clients for their homework.

5. An unbelievable template to follow

This blew me away. Anthony went way beyond here. To finish off the resource he laid out 4 successive 2-week programs. Every rep and set is planned out for all 14 days using the stretches and exercises laid out in the book. I literally printed this off and handed it to my client to complete as homework. At the end of the 4 2-week phases he gives a 5th phase maintenance program.

Best of all Anthony's priced this book at a very affordable rate compared to most internet products. After talking to him I realized how passionate the guy is and how much he wants to help.

I recommend this book to anybody who suffers with or deals with people who suffer from chronic knee pain. It's content, ease of reading, and applicability blew me away.

Oh, I forgot the mention that it's a digital product meaning that you get an instant download anywhere in the world and there is a 100% money-back guarantee.