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Best Content of the Week

Exercise and Nutrition for Every Stage of a Mother’s Journey, from Conception to Menopause and Beyond -- Erica Ziel, Jenny Burrell, Sarah Ellis Duvall, Rachel Cosgrove, Yusra Es-Haq, and Lulu Flores, the PTDC

When I was pregnant and newly postpartum, I was fortunate enough to know where to seek out trustworthy information. It opened my eyes to how little I really knew.

Training mothers, no matter how long ago they gave birth, can be nuanced and complex. Even well-intentioned trainers sometimes offer advice or use exercises that do more harm than good.

This comprehensive article, featuring six fitness and nutrition experts, is a must-read to help you understand how to best support your female clients, no matter where they are in the motherhood journey.

— Esther Avant


Best Article

The Pandemic Nobody Wants to Acknowledge -- Tyler Curtis, EliteFTS

When you're in a middle of the biggest health crisis of our lifetime, it's easy to overlook other causes of poor health. The obesity crisis is one of the biggest challenges we face. As Tyler Curtis explains, it hasn't gone anywhere, and if anything it's getting worse.

— Shane McLean

Best Video

Risk vs. Reward: Core Exercises -- Wendy Batts, Marty Miller, and Prentiss Rhodes, NASM

You hear it all the time, in many different ways. Some tell us they want to "tone" their midsections. Some say they want to get rid of their "pooch" or "mummy tummy." Others talk about getting a six pack. However they describe it, they all expect you to give them core exercises, and they all expect those core exercises to produce visible results. That's a tall order. You know you shouldn't just crunch them into oblivion. But how do you know which exercises will maximize benefits while minimizing injury risk? This NASM video will help you figure it out.

— Esther Avant

Best Social Media Post

Posted by Thomas Plummer on Saturday, July 11, 2020

The gym business has changed, and it's not changing back anytime soon. You have two options, Thomas Plummer says: "You adapt and win, or you fight back, clinging to the old days, and you will lose." Show your clients you care about their safety, and you may be able to save your business. Rant online about "freedom" while spreading conspiracy theories, and you'll alienate every customer who disagrees with you. Choose wisely.

— Christina Abbey

Best Podcast

Injury Prevention, Posture, "Perfect" Technique, and Building Relationships -- Stuart Aitken with guests Travis Pollen and Akil Piggott

This week's best podcast offers a wealth of information to help bridge the gap between rehab and personal training. Travis Pollen and Akil Piggott talk about exploring pain, what to look for in an assessment, and how to develop a professional relationship with a physical therapist.

— Mike Howard

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