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Best Content of the Week

It's easy to overcomplicate every part of your job as a personal trainer. The content we highlight this week aims to make it simpler for you: a 12-minute video on how to acquire online clients; a more detailed look at helping clients recover from injuries; a collection of tips showing you how to counter misguided nutrition advice; and a beginner's guide to the placebo effect, which helps explain why so many people believe those nutrition myths you're trying to debunk. The collective effect is to strip away the fluff and get to the root of what actually works for you and your clients.

— Esther Avant

Best Article

Five Training Considerations When Returning From an Injury -- Tony Bonvechio, Bonvec Strength

Bonvechio begins with an admission that few coaches are willing to put in writing: "Sometimes when people train with me, they get hurt." It doesn't happen often, and the injuries are typically minor. His point is that none of us can prevent injuries entirely. To help your clients recover, he recommends training tactics like isometrics, partial ranges of motion, and three others, none of which we'd typically include in our programs. 

— Shane McLean

GO DEEPER: Four Ways to Keep Your Online Personal Training Clients Engaged

Best Social Media Post

Posted by Mike Doehla on Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Where should you get nutrition information? What's the difference between accepting responsibility and taking blame? Why do we let the people trying to sell a solution convince us we have a problem? Mike Doehla, CEO of Stronger U Nutrition, has thoughts about these questions, and many more. How many of them apply to your clients?

— Christina Abbey

Best Podcast

The Surprising Truth About the Placebo Effect -- Michael Matthews with guest Kurtis Frank 

You've heard of the placebo effect. In this edition of the Muscle for Life podcast, Mike Matthews and Kurtis Frank discuss how it applies to workouts and other health related areas. They explain when placebos are most powerful, and how alternative health practitioners leverage the placebo effect to their advantage.

— Mike Howard

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