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Best Content of the Week

What People Need in a Time of Crisis: Leadership -- Jonny Pietrunti, Erica Suter, tonygentilcore.com

"What should I do?"

Every personal trainer in the world is asking this question in light of the new reality that COVID-19 has created. But perhaps we're actually more concerned with the opposite question:

"What shouldn't I do?"

We're terrified of making the wrong decision, and that fear can be paralyzing. So we find ourselves hesitating, waiting for someone to show up and give us permission to act.

This week's top pick is a strong call to action for us to stop waiting, and to instead become the very leaders we're waiting for.

-Dani Singer

Best Article

There Are a Gazillion Free Workout Options. Here’s How to Actually Do Them -- Mike Howard, Lean Minded

"We now have countless hours and terabytes of minimal-equipment workouts," Howard writes. Which is great, except for one small problem: "Most people won’t do them."

Howard compares the influx of at-home workouts to "fitspirational" quotes: They appeal to the tiny percentage of people who're already motivated, "with those who need them the most getting lost in the shuffle."

Check out the article for simple, practical ways to help your clients follow through on their plans to stay active in isolation.

Best Video

Habit Stacking: A Behavior Change Strategy -- Sohee Lee, IGTV


Best Social Media Post

Are You Going to Lose All Your Gains? (Probably Not) -- Aadam Ali, Instagram


Best Classic Advice (Not New, but Very Timely)

Is the Online Fitness Industry Saturated? -- Jonathan Goodman, the PTDC

When Goodman launched the Online Trainer Academy in 2016, few people asked if the market was saturated. By 2019 he heard that question often enough to record this podcast explaining why it isn't. But now that online coaching is the only option for personal trainers, the question has new urgency.

His message, then and now:

You don’t need a massive client list or a huge social media audience to make a decent living. You just need to find a small group of the right people. Listen to learn how.


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